budapest by night
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Explore Budapest and fall in love

Is it the city, the views, Danube or people? I don’t know which of them but maybe all of them can make you fall in love with Budapest.

Budapest is a city that has a lot to offer to a passionate traveller. I’d go just once a year at least to relax for 4 days and get back on my feet when the day-to-day life is getting frustrating.

I highly recommend Budapest in Spring and Summer because warm weather helps when walking by the Danube or enjoying a glass of wine on the Chain Bridge.

What are the top attractions of the city?

  1. The Citadella 
  2. Margaret Island
  3. Danube River Cruise
  4. Chain Bridge
  5. Buda Castle
  6. Shoes on the Danube Bank
  7. Hungarian Parliament
  8. Széchenyi Spa
  9. 360 Bar
  10. For Sale Pub

…and of course, if you get to be lucky and catch one of the festivals/concerts in Budapest, it’s a really nice experience. People just loosen up, have drinks on the street, picnic by the Danube and enjoy their evenings.

Budapest is the city that can really relax you and even if you’re not in love when you go there, you just fall.

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