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Sri Lanka:

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka

In every “top travel destinations” google search, Sri Lanka score somewhere in the top 10.

The South Asian island nation of Sri Lanka is as ancient as it is beautiful; as complex a civilization now as at any time in its 2,000-year history. Despite recent tumult (the horrific terror attacks last Easter), Sri Lanka remains an essential destination, an epicentre of history, with relics and ruins, temples and palaces, wildlife running free. Sitting in the Indian Ocean off the south-eastern tip of India, travellers may default to thinking of Sri Lanka as a beach getaway. But to truly immerse yourself in the country’s history, go inland and tour the country’s cultural triangle

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Tallin Estonia
Tallinn, Estonia

While Estonia may not yet be synonymous worldwide with haute cuisine, this Nordic-like country in Northern Europe can hold its own. Don’t be surprised if you hear more about Its bustling food scene in 2020. Most notable is the Bocuse d’Or Europe, a live cooking contest that pays homage to the late French chef Paul Bocuse, happening in late May. Estonia has participated in the culinary show for a decade, but this is the first time the country will play host to it.

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