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Madrid should be your next destination!

There is no why you shouldn’t visit this city, there is only WHY YOU MUST VISIT MADRID!

Spain has a lot to offer and surely I don’t underestimate any of their travel destinations, but Madrid is what I love.

Art, culture, flamenco, night clubs, diversity, food, local markets, architecture, parks…you got it all Madrid!

You’ll need a power bank for your phone as you’ll just take pictures all day 🙂

If I try to describe all of them, I’d probably have to use more than a blog post so here it is the Madrid-Must-Do-List:

  1. Reina Sofia Museum
  2. The Prado Museum
  3. Santiago Bernabeau Stadium
  4. The Royal Palace of Madrid
  5. Eat or have a coffee in Chueca (there is an amazing Chinese there also called Shanghai Mama – try it)
  6. Enjoy an amazing flamenco show at Flamenco Las Tablas – better book before you go
  7. Make it to El Retiro Park even if it’s the last thing you do
  8. Have a cocktail before you go at Azotea del Circulo (you’ll never forget Madrid this way)

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I hope you have the best of time in Madrid as I did 🙂

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Happy Travelling!