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Planning your trip to Bucharest, Romania?

Have you already chosen Bucharest as your next destination or you’re still thinking about it?

Let me tell you why I would rush into booking it!

Things you should know about the “Little Paris”, as it is also known for in folclor:

  1. Bucharest is a quite cheap travel destination with lots of tourist traffic in recent years
  2. It’s called the “Little Paris” because Bucharest grew very fast in commerce, fashion, architecture and art from 1870 – 1920. The real Paris was too far for some countries and Bucharest was the next best thing. French language was spoken by the majority of people while Bucharest’s Arc de Triumph became the symbol of the city.
  3. Business in Bucharest grew a lot from 2013 until now and the city flourished even more with it.
  4. Street art is the hidden gem if you know where to look for it (I’ll tell you later in the post where you should ponder)
  5. Thermal Spa’s are the new best thing if you want to relax in summer or winter
  6. Bucharest is a 2-hour drive from the Black Sea or Brasov – Sinaia – Bran (which are ideal for both summer and winter)

Let me convince though on these topics:

Booking your trip to Bucharest

No matter where you come from, plane tickets to Bucharest are not that expensive. Pro tip on this one: I would leave Bucharest to go on a second trip as plane tickets from Bucharest to Europe are really cheap.


From experience, I would pick the following hotels as they have very good service, decent prices and amazing location:

  • Golden Tulip Bucharest: Situated between Victoria and Romana metro station, Golden Tulip is right in the heart of the city (without actually being in the most crowded part of it). This hotel has a wonderful view of the city as it’s all glass and you can stay in bed and enjoy the city lights at night. It is also highly recommended for business trips as it has rooms equipped for that kind of leisure and many of Bucharest’s businesses are close by.
  • Mercure Hotel Unirii: Well, this one is good. It’s located in the city centre with a view of the River. Mercure Hotel Unirii is a 15-minute walk from the Old Town and still quite if you do not wish to be right in the middle of night clubs and noise. Just check it out and you’ll be convinced.

What you must visit when you get there:

  1. Herastrau National Park: largest park in Romania with great coffee shops, restaurants, ideal for long walks around the lake and astonishing view of the city at night (recommended in Spring and Summer)
  2. Old Town: it’s crowded, especially in spring and summer evenings, but it’s full of life. Night clubs, coffee shops, restaurants and beautiful architecture.
  3. CEC Palace: CEC Palace is a superb construction close to the Old Town (on Calea Victoriei) and the detailed architecture is astonishing.
  4. The : of course, how can you not visit that? The People’s House, as mostly known, it’s the most astonishing creation of dictator Ceausescu. It’s the world’s heaviest building, with 1.100 rooms and it took 700 arhitects to build it.
  5. Therme: Well, Therme is a huge thermal spa for adults and kids. It has inside and outside pools, you can enjoy your drink while swimming and there is a separate space for kids. It is recommended all year around but if you are a winter traveller, enjoying the ouside hot pool while the external temperature is -10 degrees, it’s really comforting.

What about the Street Art?

Well, this is a personal pitch and I have to say, walking on the streets of Bucharest, is all you have to do. Just take your sport shoes and give it a try!

I would start from Eroilor metro station, going to Izvor park, cross the park (which is a really nice one) and reach Spiru Haret university. From there, just pick your tiny streets, walk around and when you’re done, enjoy a cocktail at Eden Garden (recommended in Spring and Summer) – you’ll love it. (If you travel in autumn or winter just go for that cocktail at “Fix me a drink” – you’ll thank me later).

Another cocktail/wine must try is “Linea Closer to the Moon” 🙂

Oh, and mind all street art in Bucharest that says “Priveste cerul” which means “Look at the sky”. The same artist covered Paris with the same graffiti – “Regarde le ciel”.

So, visit Bucharest and PRIVESTE CERUL!

P.S. Stop for some shopping, you’ll find great deals, or order upfront and have them delivered to your hotel (check https://tripbuddyclub.com/category/best-deals-ro/)

Upcoming articles on Romania’s travelling tips will follow 🙂