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Travelling to Geneva for Business? Make it BLeisure!

Switzerland is a common destination for business but what if you want to make the most of your trip? Geneva is a wonderful but small city and sometimes business can be overwhelming. Here are two places I would highly recommend for some leisure after work 🙂

   1. Eat at Umamido

Umamido has a delicious Ramen and the best pork buns! It’s pretty crowded so if you go there by 7 pm, I just hope you get lucky and find a table. Check the pork buns:

pork buns

     2. Have a cocktail at Manhattan Café 

Their cocktails are really nice and if you decide to stay late, people are really having fun and dancing is definitely in the menu.

(order this one, it’s really refreshing, I’m just sorry I don’t remember the name of it)


I hope you enjoy Geneva more than just for business!

P.S.: Regarding your stay, I would pick Ibis Hotels in Geneva, they have pretty convenient locations and prices. Check Trip Advisor: